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Ehtisham Khan

**Ehtisham Khan**

**Early Life and Education:**

Ehtisham Khan, born on July 22, 1986, in Lahore, Pakistan, is a multifaceted artist known for his contributions as a singer, composer, music director, lyricist, and actor. He pursued his education at the prestigious National College of Arts (NCA) in Lahore, where he laid the foundation for a prolific career in the entertainment industry.

**Musical Beginnings:**

During his time at NCA, Ehtisham Khan honed his musical skills, leading to a diverse and dynamic career.

**Career Highlights:**

Ehtisham Khan's musical journey began with captivating mashups, earning him recognition as Lahore's Artist of the Month with the release of his debut solo track, "Zindagi." This marked the onset of a career that would see him contribute to major movie soundtracks, television shows, and international collaborations.

**Versatility and International Recognition:**

Khan's versatility became evident through collaborations with international artists and brands, expanding his influence beyond Pakistan's borders. Notable tracks include:

- **Chan Chariya (Featuring Arisha Razi Khan):** Launched in 2022.
- **Shayad - An Untold Story (Featuring Maira Khan):** Released in 2022.
- **Kothe Utte:** Showcased at the 2022 Hum TV Bridal Couture Week.
- **Akelay Na Jana (Aplus Drama):** Released in 2017. (Singer / Composer / Lyricist)
- **Tu Mera Dil (Drama):** Released in 2017. (Singer / Composer / Lyricist)

**Television and Film:**

Ehtisham Khan's impact extended to the world of television and film, with notable contributions such as:

- **Aik Hath Mehndi (Aplus Drama):** Music Director, Lyricist, and Composer.
- **Janaan (2016 Movie):** Contributed to the Mellow Version of the title track.
- **Sun Yara (Ary Digital Drama):** Composed the popular OST.

**Mashups and Collaborations:**

Ehtisham Khan's skill in creating captivating mashups has added another layer to his musical repertoire:

- **Love Mashup (Featuring Afshan Fawad):** A soulful collaboration that showcases his mastery in blending different musical elements.
- **The Mashup (Featuring Maria Meer):** Another compelling creation that highlights Khan's ability to seamlessly fuse diverse musical styles.

**Solo Tracks and Collaborations:**

Ehtisham Khan's solo tracks and collaborations showcase his diverse musical repertoire:

- **Khoobsurat (Featuring Afshan Fawad):** Released in 2019.
- **Love Youn Bhi Hota Hai (Tele Film):** Featured Aima Baig.
- **Ghut Pani Pila Dai (GT Road Drama OST):** Collaboration with Asma Abbas.
- **Jani Title Song (Jackpot Movie):** Released in 2018.

**List of Songs:**

1. Zindagi (Solo Track) - 2016
2. Janaan Mellow Version (Janaan Movie) - 2016
3. Sun Yara OST (Sun Yara Drama) - 2016
4. Love Youn Bhi Hota Hai (Tele Film) - 2017
5. Akelay Na Jana (Aplus Drama) - 2017 (Singer / Composer / Lyricist)
6. Tu Mera Dil (Drama) - 2017 (Singer / Composer / Lyricist)
7. Khoobsurat (Featuring Afshan Fawad) - 2019
8. Love Mashup (Featuring Afshan Fawad) - [Year]
9. Ghut Pani Pila Dai (GT Road Drama OST) - 2019
10. Jani Title Song (Jackpot Movie) - 2018
11. The Mashup (Featuring Maria Meer) - [Year]
12. Chan Chariya (Featuring Arisha Razi Khan) - 2022
13. Shayad - An Untold Story (Featuring Maira Khan) - 2022
14. Kothe Utte - 2022

**Recognition and Awards:**

In 2023, Ehtisham Khan received the Best Singer Award at the Hollywood Music & Film Festival, solidifying his global impact.

**Fashion and Global Recognition:**

Ehtisham Khan's influence extends beyond music, as he showcased his talents at Pakistan's Hum Bridal Couture Week in 2022.

**Legacy and Future Endeavors:**

Ehtisham Khan's journey continues to astonish, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his future artistic endeavors. His ability to seamlessly navigate various artistic realms marks him as a true icon in the entertainment industry.

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